About Us

Who We Are: This is a non-biased beauty blog. The intention is to inspire creativity, experimentation, and fun. This blog will feature postings on makeup, hair products, skin products, along with the occasional fashion find. We hope to not only share our personal opinion on products and practices, but also share the thoughts of other beauty gurus out there. Feel free to submit questions and suggestions to info@lobsterface.com

Our Name: Our name is a combination of things. The initial idea came from a plastic lobster I have on my desk at work. My amazing coworker/fellow makeup lover, Jackie, put it on my desk as a joke. Jackie first introduced me to the world of YouTube beauty tutorials, Coastal Scents, and also encouraged me to start this blog. So the lobster title is an homage to her. After deciding to use “lobster” somehow, I thought to add “face” because I wanted to tie-in beauty and makeup somehow. Lobster Face is what I call myself when I stay in the sun too long and have to attempt in vain to cover my now red face with pounds of foundation and powder. So it all kinda makes sense in the end … plus it’s just a goofy name.

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