Product Fail: Olay Total Effects CC Cream

olay total effects cc cream for fair skinGreetings Lobsters!

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season! I wanted to bring you a quick review of the Olay Total Effects CC Cream. CC creams in general are new to the market and are being talked about a lot on beauty forums and on YouTube. I wanted to get a quick review up as I imagine a lot of people are out spending their Christmas money on new products like Olay Total Effects CC Cream.

I put this product on my Christmas list and was so excited to give it a try. I use a BB Cream daily as my foundation, and thought this would be a new and improved version of what I already know and love. I ended up being so disappointed!

A CC Cream boasts to include all of the skin benefits a BB cream provides, with the addition of age fighting properties meant to correct fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. CC creams are also supposed to be lighter than BB Creams, and have less of a dewy finish. As BB Creams are basically foundation replacements, I assumed a CC Cream would be the same. This product however provided no coverage whatsoever. It was more of a serum-type product than any kind of tinted moisturizer or foundation.

I think it’s interesting that the Olay website is labeling this a CC Cream moisturizer + sunscreen, but still has you choose a shade (Fair-Light, Light-Medium, Medium-Deep). The fact that you have to pick a shade implied to me that it would have some kind of tint, but it doesn’t. The 4 reviews on the Olay website all mention the lack of coverage the product provides. Olay has another product called Olay CC Cream – Total Effects Daily Moisturizer + Touch of Foundation, but that product doesn’t have shades. What? Why would the moisturizer + SPF have shades, but the moisturizer + foundation is one size fits all?

I think this is a case of mistaken identity on Olay’s part. Maybe they were rushing the product to the shelves and decided to call this serum a CC Cream just to be the first brand in the US to have one? But this is not a CC Cream, it’s more of a skin treatment. And an expensive one at that! $25 buckaroos people! For a drugstore product, that doesn’t do what it led me to believe it would, that’s $25 too much.


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